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  • We're delighted to be opening our Plant Centre on 16th March

  • Our Farm Shop is open for the finest home-made pies, sausages and deli.

  • Our Café Terrace opens for alfresco dining only on 12th April

  • Rushfields Farm Shop now deliver – call us on 01273 850015 or order online

    Local Fruit and Vegetables

    Our fruit and vegetables reflect our commitment to locally sourced, fresh and seasonal produce. From crisp apples to leafy greens, our range extends to seasonal favourites such as English asparagus and strawberries, with many grown organically. We receive stocks daily from our suppliers, working with them to ensure the pick of the crop. We also keep packaging to a minimum, so you can touch, smell and pick out what you want from the produce.


    Picking up some fruits and veggies from your supermarket maybe does not seem like a big deal. But supermarkets do not always keep their promises. Instead of ensuring the freshness and cleanliness of their products, the least fresh foods usually end up on top of the shelf and good food turns bad due to a lack of hygienic measures. Furthermore, the superfluous use of plastic packages worsens the climate problem. In contrast, our local fruit and vegetables come straight from farms nearby, helping small businesses to continue their good work and reducing the transporting costs. Moreover, by reducing our use of plastic, we want to contribute to a better climate. We make sure that our products are fresh and healthy by teaching our staff how to wash and clean our fruits and veggies.

    Farm Shop fruit


    We all know the famous expression ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. But what local fruits and vegetables should you really eat in order to stay healthy?

    • sweet potatoes: these health bombs are full of beta-carotene, reducing the risk of breast and ovarian cancers;
    • grapefruit: this fruit is a source of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, this fruit can help you lose weight;
    • red bell peppers: these foods have loads of vitamin C in them, helping you to maintain healthy teeth and gums;
    • broccoli: this vegetable is rich in flavonoids that can actually help to fight heart disease and cancer;
    • pineapple: this tropical fruit is full of vitamin C and bromelain, which may help protect against cancer and tumour growth.

    So fruits and vegetables have wondrous, even life-saving qualities that should not be forgotten!

    Fresh apples - Farm Shop Rushfields


    The fruits and vegetables you encounter in the Farm Shop are fresh because they come from nearby. You will find lots of seasonal products, such as Brussels sprouts and spinach from September to December and asparagus from April to June. Come and find out what local fruits and vegetables you can use in your newest dish!

    Farm Shop Rushfields


    Fruit & Veg at Rushfields Farm Shop

    We offer fresh fruit and vegetables to fill your stomach with daily vitamins. Get your bag filled at Rushfields and enjoy crispy red apples, sweet oranges and many more. Our current assortment contains:

    • Apples
    • Oranges
    • Bananas
    • Nutborne tomatoes: Classic or Cherry Vine
    • Potatoes
    • Onions
    • Carrots
    • Pies

    We look forward to seeing you soon at Rushfields Fruit and Veg section in our famous Farm Shop. Plan your route to our plant centre on the contact page