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    Local Sussex Cheeses

    Our cheeses span everything from the best Sussex varieties to British classics and Continental specialities. From soft goat’s and sheep’s cheeses to full-flavoured blues and hard cheeses, we’ve selected them to please the most discerning palates. Our offering changes seasonally, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you choose with tasting samples and advice.


    Of course every cheese tastes great as long as you pick the right opportunity. While a small gathering asks for a nice soft or semi-soft cheese that you can put on a cracker, when making a salad you cannot forget about the feta and/or Parmesan cheese. Still the cheeses produced in Sussex beat all the others of course. A selection of cheeses that you cannot miss out on when you visit a local cheese shop in Sussex:

    • Ashdown Foresters cheese: this hard and mild cheese has a nutty taste and a moist texture;
    • Bestbier brie cheese: this brie cheese has a sweet and full flavour;
    • Broadoak cheese: this cheese has a clean, but sharp-edged flavour;
    • Buttercup cheese: this mild cheese has a creamy flavour and is cylindrical in shape;
    • Flower Marie cheese: this soft cheese has a subtle, slightly nutty taste;
    • Stonegate cheese: this fresh cheese has a creamy taste with notes of spiciness.


    When hosting a party, a charcuterie board is a great choice. Your guests get to choose exactly the type of appetizer they like and you do not have to stand in the kitchen for hours making something your guests will appreciate. But how do you make a cheese board that suits everybody’s needs? First of all, make sure there is enough variety. Alternate between soft, semi soft and hard local Sussex cheeses. For example, Flower Marie cheese has a soft and subtle taste and fits perfectly next to Lord of the Hundreds cheese, a semi hard cheese with a sweet and grassy aroma. Second of all, make your cheese board interesting by selecting cheeses of different shapes. Third of all, think of other types of food to accompany your variety of cheese. Think of fruits and veggies like cucumber, pear, grapes and dried figs.


    When stepping into our Farm Shop, the aroma of all kinds of different cheeses will greet you. Maybe you find it hard to choose the type that you want out of this abundance of cheese. If so, please ask our cheese specialists for their suggestions. They would love to help you out and show you the possibilities of our local Sussex cheeses. Visit our Farm Shop and be surprised!