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  • We're delighted to be opening our Plant Centre on 16th March

  • Our Farm Shop is open for the finest home-made pies, sausages and deli.

  • Our Café Terrace opens for alfresco dining only on 12th April

  • Rushfields Farm Shop now deliver – call us on 01273 850015 or order online


    Pastas and preserves, cereals and cakes, fresh sauces and free-range eggs: our Pantry stocks the best quality foodstuffs. Many are locally made, and all are chosen for their quality. Plus, we offer a full complement of gluten-free, organic, vegetarian and vegan foods that will pass everyone’s taste test. Come in to find everything from jams, pickles, pulses, relishes, marinades and flours to teas, coffees, chocolates, biscuits and tarts — you’ll be amazed at the variety.


    Pantry is a collective name for all foods that you can put into your pantry. Staple foods such as pasta and rice, but also canned goods, soups and beans are perfect products to fill up your pantry with. How do you organize your pantry in the most efficient manner?

    • Find a space that is big, dry and near your kitchen;
    • Think of the meals you eat often and write down the ingredients. Make sure you always have a small stock of these items in your pantry. For example, think of pasta, rice, canned tomatoes, etc.;
    • There are some ingredients that every pantry should include: flour, salt, spices, sugar and cooking oil. These items are indispensable when cooking or baking;
    • Don’t forget fruits and vegetables. Canned fruits and veggies are not only a very easy snack for your kids, but also make a quick side dish when you are in a hurry;
    • Fill up your pantry with flavour. Think of sauces like mustard and tomato sauce, but also of marinades, jams and relishes.

    Rushfields Pantry - Rushfields Farm Shop


    In the Farm Shop, it is all about quality products. But fresh foods tend to perish after a few weeks, making it unsafe to eat them. That is why our pantry offers foods that possess the same quality as our other products but are easily preservable. Think of handmade jams and spreads that make every meal into a dessert or of teas, coffees, chocolates and biscuits to surprise your guests with. You are guaranteed to find something for every occasion. Furthermore, with our proceeds we support local businesses, farmers and artisanal producers. Do you want to know more about our products?

    Visit our pantry in Poynings

    Visit our Farm Shop and feel free to ask one of our employees for more information; we are more than happy to help you! Our Farm Shop is open from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm. Plan your route to the Farm Shop on the contact page.