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    Containers are really the homes of your plants, whether they are flowering houseplants or outdoor plants. The flowerpots you use determine for a large part the appearance of your plant. Can your plant use somewhat more colour? Pick a container in a brilliant blue or dazzling pink hue. Do you want all the attention to go to your flowering plant? Choose a flowerpot in a neutral tone, like white or beige. Find your favourite containers in our garden centre in Poynings!

    Find the containers that are best for your plants

    Containers come in a huge range of styles and materials. What types of containers can you choose from and what container fits your plant best?

    • flowerpots: these containers are suited for both indoor and outdoor plants. Of course, there are lots of different flowerpots to choose from. In our garden centre, you will find pots of different materials, from ceramic to terracotta and from stainless steel to stone;
    • hanging baskets: these baskets can brighten up any room or garden. Fill your hanging containers with brilliant scarlet pelargoniums or tumbling tomatoes or chillies. When you hang your basket outdoors, make sure your plants get enough water. Hanging plants often need more water than other plants, because they are subject to drying winds;
    • troughs: these large containers work perfectly for growing vegetables on the patio. Place troughs against a wall to grow climbing beans. Or divide a grow space as small as 1x1m into squares for planting a surprisingly wide variety of fruits and vegs.

    How to choose the right flowerpot for you plant

    You want to buy a bunch of plants, but you do not have enough flowerpots to house them. How do you know what pot suits your plant best? First of all, make sure you choose a pot of the right size. When a pot is too small, the soil will dry out very quickly, making it almost impossible to water it frequently enough. When a pot is too large, the plant tends to tip over and the soil dries slowly, resulting in root rot. Instead, you want to buy a flowerpot that fits your plant perfectly. Secondly, decide which material you want. Terra cotta does not only have a beautiful earthly colour, but is also able to remove excesses of water, preventing root-rot from developing. Plastic containers are relatively cheap and lightweight. Moreover, they have the same ability as terracotta to retain moisture. Concrete pots are heavy, making them an excellent choice during windy and rainy seasons. Do you need more advice on choosing containers or flowerpots? Visit our garden centre and ask one of our employees!