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    Plant Food & Fertilisers

    If you're looking for plant food and fertilisers, don't look any further. Rushfields Plant Centre's webshop offers fertilisers filled with the best nutrients to make your plants and flowers thriving. We stock plant food and fertilisers from Westland. Explore our range and add your preferred products to your shopping cart. Choose click and collect or home delivery within a 10-miles radius from our garden centre.

    During the lockdown, we deliver for ONLY £5.

    Plant food

    Our plant food and fertilisers range ahs a product for any garden. Boost your plants and make your flowers sparkle. Use Westland plant food all around the garden. Our products provide nutrients, nitrogen and vitamins to your garden and give your garden a growth-boost. To ensure your plants' best growth, you should add plant food to your watering every two weeks during bloom season. We offer both liquid and solid products for tastier and bigger vegs, fruit and flowers. We offer plant food for the vegetable garden, for beddings, patios and container plants. Please contact us if you need any advice on which plant food is best for your area.

    Tomato plant food

    To ensure tastier and bigger tomatoes, you should use Westland’s Big Tom. This product is enriched with all of the essential nutrients tomatoes need. Apply this plant food to the soil. This product contains easy to absorb nutrients that stay in your compost and soil for longer. Mix the liquid plant food with water and add the mix to your tomato plant every two weeks. The Big Tom comes with a handy measuring cup for accurate dosage. Read the package for the specific dosage. Please do not exceed the appropriate application rate. This may result in damage to your plants.

    Gro sure plant food

    If you want to provide your plants with the best nutrients, choose Gro sure plant food. This all-round product is suitable for plants, vegetables, and flowers in gardens and inside the home. This liquid format is easy to apply and shows direct results. Gro sure plant food is:

    • Packed with nutrients for healthy flowers and fruits.
    • Enriched with seaweeds.
    • Ideal for all plants in pots, containers, hanging baskets, beds & borders, indoor plants, lawns.

    Plant food and fertiliser - Rushfields

    It’s important to know when to apply plant food. Here’s our guide to find out when you should feed your plants with Gro sure plant food:

    • Vegs, fruit trees, roses, trees and shrubs must be fed when the plants start actively growing. Feed these plants once a week throughout the growing season.
    • Container & basket plants, bedding plants, tomatoes & other greenhouse crops ask for a proper feed once the first truss (flowering branch) has set (turned from flowers to small fruits). Apply plant food 1-2 times a week.
    • You can feed indoor plants whenever they are actively growing every 2-3 weeks.

    All-purpose plant food

    This product instantly feeds your plant to grow bigger and more beautiful plants and flowers. This liquid plant food is full of nutrients for strong and healthy plant growth and is child and pet friendly. How to apply all-purpose plant food?

    • Apply the diluted feed to the compost/soil around the base of the plant until completely saturated. Avoid wetting the foliage. (Exceeding the suggested application rate may result in damage to your plants)
    • Wash your hands & exposed skin after use to prevent irritation on the skin.

    Rose fertiliser

    We always recommend feeding newly planted and established roses twice a year. Apply feeding at the beginning of the growing season (mid-March to April) and again in mid-summer after the first flush of flowers. To prevent plant disease and immunity, you should use rose fertiliser. Clear the ground around your rose. Sprinkle some rose fertiliser around the base of the rose. Mix the rose feeding into the soil. Water your rose regularly. Repeat this in mid-summer to keep your rose producing stunning flowers.

    Buy plant food and fertilisers at Rushfields

    Rushfields Plant Centre offers a wide range of plant food and fertilisers to maintain your plants and flowers' growth in the garden. Every year, you must apply plant food to add the right nutrients to the soil. After feeding, the nutrients will adapt to the soil and make your plants shine bright. Discover our selective range in our webshop and choose click and collect. We also deliver your goods to your home for only £5 is you live within a 10-miles radius from our garden centre in Poynings, Sussex. Please contact us if you have any queries.